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 Companies Operating Photo Enforced Cameras 

Verra Mobility (Formerly: American Traffic Solutions - ATS)

The largest cameras operator is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona with more that 300 customers and 3,000 cameras operating all over the US and Canada.  

Redflex Traffic Systems 

Headquarted in Australia as a public company under the ticker RDF.  Operating in over 220 communities it operates 2,000 photo enforcement locations.  Redflex has been losing customers due to the Chicago corruption scandals.  

Xerox formerly Affiliated Computer Services (ACS)

Xerox purchased ACS in 2009 for $6.4B in stock and cash.  Red light camera operation is a small portion of the Xerox business. 


Large presence in Europe but not clear on the number of cameras in the US.  


Operates cameras mainly in Illinois but has larger presence in Europe. 

Laser Craft  

Headquartered in Georgia.  Currently 100 camera installations nationwide.  

Verra Mobility (Formerly: Nestor Traffic Systems)

Purchased by ATS for $7.1M in 2009 which was near or in bankuprtcy.  


Red Light Camera Operating Company Issues To Consider Discuss Red Light Camera Companies

Which companies have the best and worst reputation? Which companies have been caught handing out bribes? What are the issues when negotiating a fixed contract? Are these companies incentivized to produce revenue? Which of these companies provide the best and worst customer service? Which companies do the best job of reviewing red light camera and speed camera video for the local police? Which cities have the hardest time collecting fines because of poor implementation?



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